Wedding Dress Appointment FAQs

When should I start looking for my wedding dress?

The ideal time to order your dress is 18-12months before your wedding date. Dresses are handmade to order and we need to allow time for fittings and alterations too. The earlier you say yes the more options you have available to you. This also allows for a stress free shopping experience without having to rush any decisions. If you have a short time scale we have a range of ready to wear dresses available to take away the same day.

Do you charge for appointments?

Yes. We are not a ‘standard’ shop, we give you exclusive use of our showroom to yourself for your appointment and our undivided attention throughout the 2 hours.. Alongside our refreshments we provide for you and your bride tribe you are also getting our invaluable expertise and technical knowledge to create your vision and bring it to life. Appointment charges are fully redeemable off your dress purchase. 

Who should I bring to my appointment?

This is such a tricky one! We have a seating area for 4 guests to come along with you, however that doesn’t mean you have to fill every seat.. Think about who’s opinion is really important to you and bring that person. The more opinions you have the more confusing it can be for you, remember everyone has different tastes and styles but its your opinion that counts.. If it’s more that you want to involve certain people rather than wanting their opinion you can always bring them along to your style and collection appointment to reveal your dress to them!

What should I bring to my wedding dress appointment?

You don’t need to bring anything with you but if you have some nude underwear and a strapless bra it helps! If you already have any accessories that you know you want to wear please feel free to bring them.
We would be super grateful if you could please avoid heavy make up and fake tan if you can as unfortunately it does stain our dresses and doesn’t come out.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, we are appointment only. As we give you the entire showroom to yourself we need to make sure there is not another bride already booked in.
This goes for accessories appointments too.

What sizes do you stock?

I wish we could have every dress in every size but unfortunately it’s just not possible. Our samples go from a size 8-20 but most dresses can be ordered in sizes 0-32.